Giving at Mt. Hope

Thank you for your support of Mt. Hope Congregational Church! Through your generosity, seeds have been planted to enable Mt. Hopes growth in our community, and to provide a church home for yourself and others. Thank you for answering the call to contribute to God’s work here at Mt. Hope.

Here at Mt. Hope we believe in three types of giving: time, talent & treasure. These types of giving provide for the whole of the church while also the long-term sustainability of the mission of Mt. Hope.

We believe in tithing our time. Each of us have 168 hours a week, minus rest, meals, work/hobbies, so our time is often limited but can we squeeze in a few hours a week to volunteer?

We believe in tithing our talents. So often many of us keep our talents hidden due to fear, anxiety, uncertainty, or a disbelief in our usefulness. In reality, we need to utilize our talents for serving others in and through our time volunteering.

We also believe in tithing our treasure as a means of sustaining the work of the ministry here at Mt. Hope and around the world.

Here are a few ways to financially support the ministry of Mt. Hope Congregational Church:

  1. You may send a check to Mt. Hope Congregational Church at 30330 Schoolcraft Rd. Livonia, MI 48150
  2. You may place your offering in the offering receptacle on Sunday mornings.
  3. Scan the QR code to go directly to our Venmo account
  4. We offer safe and secure online giving through Easy Tithe. This can be a one-time offering or a regular, scheduled donation: Click here to give online.
  5. Or if you’d like to plan out a regular gift, or a trust please contact a Trustee.