The Lord is Near in Times of Trouble…

Having what I would call a “healthy skepticism” of most news sources in America, I’ve been fishing for alternative perspectives on Coronavirus. It’s not that traditional news sources are without value, it has become apparent to me that with so much incentive to sensationalize, it is a temptation seldom avoided.   I echo the sentimentContinue reading “The Lord is Near in Times of Trouble…”

Sunday Morning Service (complete) March 15, 2020.

Here is the video of the entire service from today at Mt. Hope for members and friends who were away or not present with us in the Meeting House. I’m praying you’ll be blessed! (Scripture reading begins at 32:32 followed by sermon) Many Blessings in Christ! The Pastor’s sermon notes are below the embedded video.Continue reading “Sunday Morning Service (complete) March 15, 2020.”