Fellowship Opportunities

Mt. Hope is a family centered fellowship driven local community of faith. These are some of the fellowship opportunities existent among us. Come to visit, stay a while, and you’ll find a community of faith and lots of opportunities to develop faithful friends! Pay attention to announcements for various other opportunities throughout the year. Please Contact the Church Office for information on these and other fellowship opportunities!

F.I.C. means “Friends in Christ” — and that’s just what they are.  This long-running group of 40- and 50-something adults schedule monthly activities and Bible studies.  There is always room for more friend in this circle of followers of Christ!

Pairs and Spares prove the adage that life gets better the older you get!  This group is primarily comprised of retired friends who get together monthly to keep the spark going.  Expect lots of laughs and stories from these members!

Rebekah’s Circle is a women’s service organization that meets to help others through drives, pledges, donations, correspondence and more!

Sit-a-Spell Society (SASS) works with yarn and sews while fellowshipping.  The team is currently working on 8″ squares for KasCare, an organization that provides aid for AIDS orphans.

The Mt. Hope Literary and Chocolate Pie Society meets on the first Tuesday of every month for desserts, fellowship, and discussion focused on a book topic. Whether you’re a reader or not, you’re welcome here!

Men’s Breakfast is a recurring Saturday morning breakfast that meets for food and talk before the weekend gets going!



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