Simple Christianity…

It was a real privilege to open the Word of God among those gathered, the ekklesia, on the lawn on a beautiful day yesterday.

Mt. Hope on the lawn June 14th

In difficult days, double down on godly principles.

There is only one race of men on this planet. They are only divisible in two categories. Believers. They are the beloved of God, called by grace through faith in Jesus. Unbelievers. They too are the beloved of God, being called by the preaching, proclamation, and presenting of the Gospel to receive grace through faith in Jesus.

Our divisions are the consequence of sin. Our path forward is “life on life” as each one of us builds authentic friendship and relationship with whomever God places along our path. We change the world one honest action at a time. Each word. Each choice. Each decision. They are pebbles in an ocean creating ripples that eventually create waves that reshape beaches, nations, and continents. God uses us in relationship.

Make eye contact and share encouragement with your waitress, the woman who held the door for you on your way into the Dollar Tree, the man who stood next to you at Walmart for several seconds while you both hunted for the last box of banana pudding mix.

I’m doubling down on simple Christianity. Seeking the Lord. Sharing the Lord. Loving God. Loving people. Trusting God with the results.

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