Songs for Sunday June 14th Outdoor Worship Service.


Here are links to two praise songs we will sing together this coming Sunday. Our dear brother in Christ, Howard, will lead us in song as we praise the Lord Sunday. He is sacrificially leading us in worship through this time. What a blessing to have one another right now and to be the people of God!

Shine Jesus Shine:

We Bow Down:

The format is different than our normal. We’ll be outside instead of inside. BUT The Lord remains the same! Come with a heart full of worship and celebration for the goodness and steadfastness of our God!

You are invited to print out these songs and bring them along. For corporate singing, there are some health recommendations that we hold something like a song sheet as we sing to prevent the distance of travel of our breath as we exhale to prevent the spread of viruses. It is something to consider.

Most of all, come ready to praise the Lord! See you Sunday at 10:30 for a worship celebration in the yard of the Church. We are so blessed! Let’s come celebrate the Lord together!

Pastor Chris

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