Outdoor Worship Service – June 14th, 2020.


I’m looking forward to worshiping with you this coming Sunday, June 14th! There will be two opportunities for worship:

1. Live-stream. If you are unable to attend in person for the outdoor worship service, simply go to the Mt. Hope Facebook Page at 10:30 to view live. ( www.facebook.com/mthopecongregational/ ) OR go to ( https://mthope.com/sermons/ ) later in the day to view the service. I will transfer the live video to the website within a few hours of the live service. I expect it to be visible by 2:00 p.m. Sunday. 

2. In-person. Arrive at Mt. Hope a little early to allow time for parking and seating. Bring a folding or camping chair. Bring whatever type of mask you are using for grocery shopping and other outings during this time. They are not required but recommended. Perhaps you’d choose to wear one while making your way to and from your vehicles. Here is a video I made to help orient us all to the outdoor service. Please view it. ( https://youtu.be/hvClE-K4gmI

Please view the COVID-19 self-screening form. (BELOW) Ensure that all family members in attendance are within compliance. We are excited to worship together and we want to do so as safely as possible. Only volunteer and church staff on site will need to sign it. You simply need to self-certify that you are in compliance with it. Thank you for keeping one another safe! 
Here are key considerations for this first step in the direction of getting back together for worship at Mt. Hope. 
Many Blessings in Christ! – Pastor Chris

  • The service will include corporate readings, singing, and prayer. there were also be a time for an offering. There is no requirement for mask or other personal protective equipment; however, we recommend you bring and use any that you personally desire. Social distance will be required.
  • You need to review the attached Coronavirus disease health screening and self certify. Individuals that are part of the service or assisting with the service will complete the form in person Sunday morning.
  • When you arrive at the church there will be a parking lot attendant to assist you. We will be parking every other slip. You need to remain in your car until the attendance capture hood or signals you that it’s your turn to exit your vehicle. This is the only way that we can ensure social distance as people are seated.
  • You need to bring your own chair to sit in or blanket for the grass. Whatever you bring you must be able to carry unassisted. If you need assistance carrying your items, you will need to make those arrangements prior to arrival at the church.
  • Everyone is welcome to come to the service, but we ask that the all family members to include children that come stay in the square of the family group.
  • Please dress casually and for the weather and consider bringing a water bottle to stay hydrated.
  • The restrooms will be available; However, we ask that they are used in emergency situations only. There will only be one access to the restrooms and one family group in the building at a time. There will be a sanitation station for you to utilize.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pvwbSAKhaHzoMEHPLrjDh5iMxH9Tju6q/view?usp=sharing (COVID-19 Health Screening .PDF)

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