God’s Timeless Word! Shoring up Biblical Foundations – 1.

Shoring up biblical foundations. The Bible is the book of ages! #pilgrimpath #bible #gospel
These are my favorite and go to Bible translations, ranging from the most literal translations to the most dynamic or easy to read translations. Of course, I reference the King James Version often as well.
New American Standard Bible (NASB)
English Standard Version (ESV)
New English Translation (NET)
New International Version (NIV84)
New Living Translation (NLT)
For most folks looking to dig into the Bible, I recommend the English Standard Version alongside the New Living Translation. However, there are many good versions in English and the best Bible is the one you read!
Here are some websites where you can use multiple translations and gain access to multiple Bible Commentaries.
For Bible software that you can download for free that is very powerful and very useful and offers a ton of upgrades and additional books you can incorporate into it I strongly recommend e-Sword. I use this as my primary Bible study software and then I use WordSearch Bible software from LifeWay for my digital theological library and Bible study tool. e-Sword is free and here is also a link to a bunch of free additional tools that can be incorporated into it from a community of folks creating those tools.
My favorite study Bibles are the Thompson Chain Reference Bible, developed by Charles Thompson a century or so ago that allows scripture to comment on scripture and contains a wealth of additional study tools in the back 1/5 of the Bible.
After that, for practical use I recommend the Life Application Study Bible in The New living Translation. For more in-depth study I recommend the English Standard Version Study Bible. then there are a host of other study Bibles that are very helpful and very useful. Key point. The best Bible is the one you read!

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