Mt. Hope Avenue Mission

Last night I was up late doing what I love to do most, dive into a dusty old book! This particular book is a late 19th century robust history of Detroit and Michigan. Wouldn’t you know it, Mt. Hope was and is counted worthy to be mentioned on a short list of important congregational ministries in Detroit. This book was published in 1884. Notice Mount Hope on the right side of the third image in this post.

image 1

Notice what it says, “Mt. Hope Avenue Mission.” Mount Hope was founded as a local missionaries Sunday School endeavor. Our Mission is rooted in our history and our history is rooted in mission! God isn’t just calling us to be, but created us to be, a group of Jesus followers who’s Mission is to share the Good News of God’s love in Christ! We are a chosen people. We are loved people. We are the people of God!

image 2

We or a part of historic Church, but we are not relegated to the pages of history! God is at work in calling us to life on mission today!

Notice further, the Mt. Hope Mission was built at a cost of $400 on least ground in 1882. Our current parking lot renovation cost, let’s say, many times more than that. We are a “Divinely Resourced” people! God has given and will continue to give us everything we need to prosper in accordance with is calling on our lives as a cluster of Christian families and as it fellowship of believers.

image 3

I’m excited to be your Pastor today because I know that God’s provision and protection remain on His people and His calling is as grand and eternal as it is beautiful in the simplest of details. Many blessings in Christ and… In the grip of his grace!

Pastor Chris

Published by Mt Hope Congregational Church

Mt Hope Congregational is a collection of followers of Jesus bound together by a covenant to be the people of God in Livonia, Michigan, the surrounding area, and around the world!

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